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"The Creation of Symbolic Meaning on the Path to Individuation" An Internet Seminar Series Available through Asheville Jung Center

  • Asheville Jung Center (map)

Cost: ONLINE registration only through Asheville Jung Center

Please note: Jung Cleveland is not handling or accepting registrations for this event. Contact Asheville Jung Center.

Event Summary: In this 3 hour live seminar, Dr. Murray Stein will look at how we create symbolic meaning within our lives. C. G. Jung wrote extensively on symbols and symbolic process, beginning importantly with the work that heralded his break with Freud, Symbole und Wandlungen der Libido (Symbols and Transformations of Libido). The Red Book, which followed shortly afterwards, is itself a symbolic work in many respects, not only for its content of narrative and the painted images but for the meaning it held for Jung personally. The field of analytical psychology has been, as a consequence of Jung’s regard for the symbolic, known for its interpretation of symbols as they appear in cultural materials such as myths, fairy tales and religious doctrines and rituals, and also on a personal level in dreams, active imagination, projection and transference (or countertransference).  The subject of this seminar will be what symbols and the symbolic process mean and how they function in the development of culture and the individual.  Special consideration will be given to theimportance of the transcendent function in psychic life and especially in the interpersonal field of psychotherapy. In addition, there will be discussion on the differences that arose earlier between Zurich and London concerning the appearance and meaning of symbols and where this issue stands today in the respective schools and their relations.