Welcome back to blogging!

Welcome back to the Jung Cleveland blog! The Jung Cleveland Board is committed to building a strong community forum from which to explore the work of Carl Jung.  We believe that offering an online forum can help build our community between classes, lectures and workshops.  Our goal is to provide snippets that may help nurture connection to Self throughout your busy weeks; perhaps inspire a new direction for afternoon or bedtime reading.  Blogs will be posted on a weekly basis, and we encourage you to post comments and questions. 

Did you know that, originally, Jung called his psychology Complex Psychology?  This name was in recognition of his initial word association research during the late 19th century, during which time he discovered certain words caused greater pause and increased heartbeat than others, especially with words related to “mother,” “father,” and other references to family.  I’m sure we can all imagine ourselves blushing or stumbling over our words when, out of the blue, some comment or action by another triggers one of our own complexes!  Today, Jung’s clinical research and writing are at the root of what is called Analytical Psychology.  We look forward to exploring this legacy at greater length in weeks to come.  Thank you all for contributing to the energy of our Jungian community.  On behalf of the entire board, I look forward to continuing our electronic community.


Hallie Durchslag, LISW