This past weekend...

We had an incredible weekend at the lecture and workshop, Engaging the consciousness of change,” which was facilitated by Barbara Friedman and Doris Klinkhamer. We had a great group of 30+ from the Cleveland area at the lecture.  We were happy to see long-time participants in Jung Cleveland presentations, and there were many new faces in the crowd, as well – welcome to all!  We have a second lecture and workshop in 2 weeks – we would love for you to join us!

 The workshop on Saturday allowed a real sense of connection to build among participants and our presenters.  Barb and Doris encouraged us to take a step away from our stock and trade ways of navigating life – our organizational skills, rationality, linear thinking, ticks off of our to-do list, brain work and business deals.  They guided us through Jungian and shamanistic ways of remaining connected to a more intuitive, receptive, and open space from which to take in our environment and one another.

 The most beautiful thing about this workshop, and our Jungian events, in general, is that we have such a diversity of people joining us.  We all come with an open mind, and are given space for our own pre-dispositions and wisdom, even if they don’t exactly match what the topic may be.  Jung Cleveland events exist so that we can integrate Jung’s legacy each according to our own unique personality and experience.  Jung meant us to be authentic and true to our reality, and that is most important in all we learn.  We take in what we can, challenge what we can’t. And in the meantime, we build a community of people who support and respect one another’s process. 

 We would love to hear from our participants – what did you all think?  Think about making your voice hear on this blog, and perhaps Friend us on Facebook.  Jung Cleveland is trying to join the electronic age.


Wonderful to see and meet you all!
Hallie Durchslag, LISW