The Weekend with Paul Kugler, PhD

We had a wonderful lecture with Dr. Kugler this past Friday. A group of 30 listened as Dr. Kugler offered a concise and educational history of depth psychology. He reminded us of the international roots in Freud's and Jung's work, most especially in the work of French psychiatrists, Charcot and Janet. We often forget this international legacy that coalesces around the roots of and continuing legacy of depth psychology.

The Saturday workshop also inspired in relation to this international landscape. We looked at the legacy of the Eranos Conference. I was awed at the intellectual brain power from some of the best interdisciplinary thinkers worldwide. Lecturers included world-reknown scholars in anthropology, history, religion, biology, physics, and psychology. This interdisciplinary think tank stimulated international discussions for over 50 years! There is no doubt that Jung's legacy is present well-beyond what the STEM science model of psychology allows.

I was reminded that analytical psychology is more than an applied therapeutic modality. It is a world view, one that has cross-cultural resonance, as evidenced by the Jungian communities sprouting up worldwide, including China, Japan, and South America. It is rooted in the humanities, and easily rests as a common lens from which to understand individuals and the surrounding cultures. Dr. Kugler modeled a remarkable ability to hold the tension between contradictory views and cultural understanding. It inspired me. I thought, if only more analytical psychologists were involved in politics!! What a different conversation! 

Thanks to Dr. Kugler, and to all of our participants. Some of the best parts of the weekend were the questions and discussion our participants offered. What a remarkable group.