Our experience with Naomi Lowinsky

Wanted to share with everyone how wonderful our event was this weekend. The lecture spun us deeper and deeper into exploration of our connection to nature, the environment, and relationship to Pachamama, or Mother Earth. This was a soulful type of environmental consciousness versus a divisive political debate. It was about nurturing deeper consideration based in poetry and song.

The workshop took us deep into our own untapped connection to Pachamama through active imagination and writing exercises. The group was supportive and kind, and all of us were able to take the risk to write from the heart, and share these musings with one another.

Our next program is November 21st and 22nd with Sandra Miller. The subject is Shame and the Evil Eye. I've had the opportunity to look at the content of the lecture and plans for the workshop. They seem amazing for both clinicians and anyone from our wonderful Cleveland community interested in finding out the difference between guilt and the devious actions of shame. We would love to see you!!! Details to come...

Thank you to all of our participants this weekend. I think we each left with a desire to do what we can to renew relationship with the environment.

Hallie Durchslag, LISW-S