Fiction Break

Such interesting reflections on the nature of connection have surfaced during this interim away. For those of who do not know, I have been wearing two hats over the past several years, as both professional and student, working toward my doctorate in clinical psychology, and I can honestly say that I have not read "for pleasure" in years. But this summer vacation period has been different. Instead of cramming for exams, or worrying about dissertation research, or any other type of heady exploration, I read poorly-written detective novels watched every single Harry Potter movie for the first time. A pile of academic journals and cerebral Jungian "stuff" sat on the nightstand, looking appealing, but never winning. You know what? I loved it.

But I am left with wondering, how do the two worlds coexist? Or can they? Can a person be committed to connection between ego and Self, both professionally and personally, and also be committed to mass market novels and popular culture? Is that an interruption of individuation or a part of it? I don't have an answer, so I thought, what do all of you think?

Since this blog  is meant to be an interactive, supportive community that helps incorporate psyche into our everyday lives,  who better to ask, right? Hope to hear from you. Feel free to post here on this site, or like us on Facebook and join in the conversation there...

Hope you all are enjoying these summer months,